Lisa's Money Changer
                                                   ...  designed for iPad
    iPhone version also available  


Practice counting money and making change.  Lisa's Money Changer randomly selects a dollar amount between 1 cent and $10.99.  Use the denominations to match the dollar amount.  Once they match, listen for a cash register and fireworks*. When you are ready for another go, click Start Over for a new dollar amount.

  •  Practice counting and making change.  Perfect for learning about money and math.
  •  Add or subtract from "Your money."  If you go over the Match Amt, click the upside down piggy bank to subtract.  (the green switch indicates if you are adding to the piggy bank or taking money out).
  • Play cash register by purposely going over the Match Amt and giving out the right amount of change.
  • Keep track of how many times each denomination is selected.  The + and - fields under each amount keeps track of how many have been added and how many subtracted. 
  • Play with friends. See who can get the correct amount faster.
  • Has the same functionality as Lisa's Money Changer for iPhone, but with more screen space, includes coin labels and works in landscape and portrait.
  • iOS 9.2 or later

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Who is Lisa:  Lisa is an occupational therapist working for a school district. She was looking for specific features in an app to help her students learn and practice making change.  It was important that the app allow users to add to and subtract from the randomly selected dollar amount to match.  It was also important that each time a coin was selected, that a count was kept for review.  All those features are available in Lisa’s Money Changer, designed for iPhone and Lisa’s Money Changer 2, designed for iPad.
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*sounds provided by freeSFX at  Artwork by KP