Scooter's Byte Calculator
                                                   ...  designed for iPhone


Looking at bytes, kilobytes, megabytes and beyond can get confusing when you are trying to convert them in your head.  Use this simple Byte Calculator to quickly and easily do the math. 

  • Use to convert Bytes all the way up to Exabytes with the same app. 
  • Keyboard in your way on a smaller 3.5" iPhone?  Tap on Hide #Pad to get it our of your way once your Number to Calculate is entered. 
  • Click Clear All to start a fresh calculation. 
  • Quick and accurate. 
  • Specific to byte calculations, no need to use a multi-purpose calculator to get results. 
  • Easy to use: Enter Number to Calculate, then select the byte denomination and tap Calculate Results. 
  • iOS 8.0 or later

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* Artwork by KP